HEATHENDOM "Nescience"

by Metal On Metal Records


• No tracks here, because this album from 2008 is SOLD OUT.
• There's a SECOND EDITION from 2010 (with 1 different bonus track) up on Bandcamp.


1. Oranges & Lemons (Intro)
[instrumental] (00:43)
2. Nescience (04:41)
3. Burn (05:18)
4. The Doll House (06:03)
5. Mirror Of Memories (06:04)
6. Scenes Of Old (04:57)
7. I Bleed (06:15)
8. A Sick Man's Dreams - Blissful Hell (04:51)
9. Hell Within (08:33)
10. War & Pain [bonus track] (05:05)



GENRE: Dark Power/Doom Metal from Greece

The stunning debut album of these Greeks is out now! Expect an amazing mix of traditional doom and heavy/power metal influenced by KING DIAMOND, MEMORY GARDEN, SANCTUARY, CANDLEMASS and MEMENTO MORI, but still sounding fresh... Very unique vocals bringing to mind the master of horror metal, brilliant guitar work, complex song structures, memorable melodies, intriguing lyrics and parts that could fit for a horror movie soundtrack with atmosphere that may give you goosebumps. Intense.


released July 19, 2008



Metal On Metal Records

Metal On Metal Records is a label focused on OLD SCHOOL styles of metal: classic heavy, US power, thrash, speed, traditional doom, NWOBHM, black/thrash and some death metal.
The idea to start a record label was born in late 2007 and brought to life in 2008.
We value quality over quantity, so there are usually only 7 CD releases every year and a compilation, "Compendium Of Metal".
In Metal We Trust
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