NOMAD SON "First Light"

by Metal On Metal Records


• No tracks here, because this album from 2008 is SOLD OUT.
• There's a SECOND EDITION from 2013 up on Bandcamp.


1. Forever Twilight (07:55)
2. Shallow Grave (03:55)
3. Seven Notes In Black (06:24)
4. Delirium [instrumental] (02:13)
5. At The Thresholds Of Consciousness (04:31)
6. The Wraith (07:48)
7. Empyrean Fade (07:28)
8. The Light At The End (04:57)



GENRE: Traditional Doom Metal from Malta

Formed by the bassist Albert Bell of FORSAKEN fame, NOMAD SON is a '70s tinged (Hammonds!) doom band drawing influence from the trailblazing sounds of BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS and SAINT VITUS. Doom is NOT dead - see and hear for yourself checking this molten slab of HEAVY doom... The versatility of moods and tempos will not let you fall asleep - instead it can make your head bang more than once 'cause they know what "uptempo" means! A truly addictive stuff.


released July 20, 2008



Metal On Metal Records

Metal On Metal Records is a label focused on OLD SCHOOL styles of metal: classic heavy, US power, thrash, speed, traditional doom, NWOBHM, black/thrash and some death metal.
The idea to start a record label was born in late 2007 and brought to life in 2008.
We value quality over quantity, so there are usually only 7 CD releases every year and a compilation, "Compendium Of Metal".
In Metal We Trust
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