ARKHAM WITCH "On Crom's Mountain" (tape preview)

by Metal On Metal Records


• No tracks here, because this album is already up on Bandcamp. If you want to listen to the music, please go to
• We released it on cassette. It's SOLD OUT now.

FORMAT: Cassette (pro-tape in black shell with silver print) • 10 tracks (approx. 53 min.) • 3 panel insert • All full-color • Limited to 66 copies

GENRE: Heavy/Doom Metal/NWOBHM from UK

This is ARKHAM WITCH's debut album from 2011 "On Crom's Mountain" released now on cassette format, limited to 66 hand-numbered copies, with a new cover art. What can be said about this kick-ass album that hasn't been said yet? Not much probably, so we'll just pull out a few quotes from Michael Ballue's review for Hellride Music Forums: "Ten brand new rough and ready, in your face metal smashers leaping out of the speakers to savage the listener like a rabid wolf. (...) The magnificent beast that first roared on the demo is just bigger, stronger and more experienced. (...) Arkham Witch have an all too rare ability to write songs that are unadulterated metal yet catchy and immediate beyond belief. As you head bang, they burrow into your brain like an aggressive horde of parasites. (...) There is a wealth of variety and not even close to a single clunker in this over 50 minutes of mayhem. The quality control is iron clad and the spirit is unrelenting. The musicianship is spot on perfect throughout and the songwriting is extraordinarily good. Really there is every reason for you to buy this immediately and not a single not to… for fucks sake get on with it immediately if you don’t own this already."


released December 24, 2012



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Metal On Metal Records is a label focused on OLD SCHOOL styles of metal: classic heavy, US power, thrash, speed, traditional doom, NWOBHM, black/thrash and some death metal.
The idea to start a record label was born in late 2007 and brought to life in 2008.
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